Hyundai Santa Fe Seat Covers Neoprene (TM)2018-2024


These are a ready made Tailored quality-grade waterproof Neoprene Hyundai Santa Fe Seat Covers Neoprene Seat Covers, Custom Made which have been perfectly tailored for your Santa fe and are available in our exclusive neoprene colours Black/ White Stitching for a nice sleek premium look. At D&D AUTO all our premium made Neoprene front seat covers have a velcro strap system on the bases for the easy installation or removal. The front seat covers are both airbag compatible and headrest covers are supplied and the middle seat will have the armrest and headrest covers. Did you know that these seat covers will function as your seat should with all splits and folds working like they should.

  • Available in Front or Middle
  • Two piece design to ensure perfect fitting
  • Isofix attachment points for child seats
  • All splits and folds have been perfectly tailored
  • Pet friendly
  • 100% waterproof
  • Air-bag Safe
  • Spandex backing & skirting on front & rear
  • 16oz (470gsm) Automotive grade neoprene
  • Additional 5mm bonded foam for superior comfort
  • Heavy Duty Neotex 10oz (350gsm) skirt and backing
  • Manufacturer quality guarantee
  • Leather seat safe
  • Extra heavy duty
  • Storage pocket
  • We post international
  • Available in other fabrics & colours – Reach out to us for more options
  • Rows can be purchased individually

FREE EXPRESS DELIVERY !!! and estimated dispatch time 6-9 Working days,

As a wholesaler, we’re able to retail at the wholesale rates to the public!

D&D auto is Australian and family owned, trading for over 35 years 0418415882

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santa fe seat covers
Hyundai Santa Fe Seat Covers Neoprene (TM)2018-2024