What is a Multi-fit Seat Cover

We designed the D&D Auto Multi-Fit Seat Cover as a better alternative to the universal spec covers we see in retail stores today. Our patterned design allows for our seat covers to fit (not all) but a range of multiple vehicles. We ensure this by modifying our designs through sizing modifications in this case our seat covers are a 100 mm taller than a universal.

One of which is having the seat cover larger & taller than a conventional seat cover. In addition to this, our seat covers are a one-piece design, combined with skirting as well as a buckle & clip system. Our premium seat covers also feature an all-over effect in which we use the same fabric on both the front and back of the seat cover (even the skirting has the same fabric) whilst still retaining storage pockets.

Compatibility & Fit

All D&D Seat Covers are airbag compatible seat covers, this is made possible using our seamless stitching (avoiding conventional cut outs like we see in several other generic branded seat covers). Our seamless stitching technology will not affect the deployment of your vehicle’s in-seat airbags.

Our one-piece design comes along with a range of benefits over the 2-piece tailor made designs. One of the main benefits the one-piece seat covers is it is able to trap dirt, making it easier to vacuum and keep clean. One piece designs also restrict the seat cover from slipping out of its place.

Multi-fit Seat Cover vs. Universal Seat Cover

Most universal seat covers consist of a thin, cheap polyester backing, while the purpose of this backing is to ensure a fit, this material unfortunately (and quite literally) can stretch 10 kilometres.

Due to the flexibility the seat cover often moves around whilst you are sitting in the seat and this effect doubles when getting in & out of your vehicle. This in-turn can cause creases and could even damage your seat.

D&D Premium Multi-fit Seat covers on the other hand provide a more snug and stable fit. Our seat covers have several slip preventative features such as the buckle & clip system and its one-piece design and its all over system(as per image).

Neoprene Seat Cover

Multi-fit vs. Custom Made / Tailor

Tailor Made Seat Cover

The benefits a multifit D&D seat cover have over the custom-made is the fact that it features a single-piece design, while the custom made remains a 2 piece design (this always presents a neater finish and a tailored to fit look).

The skirting on the custom-made seat cover is tailored to make the seat fit neater (and more snug) and is made using heavy-duty spandex. The skirting on our multi-fit utilizes the same material as the seat cover itself (whilst also carrying on the same materials & patterns on the backing).

D&D Tailored Seat Covers also feature completely customized headrests. The multifit seat cover on the otherhand does not.

For those who want that neat factory-look, we highly recommend opting for tailor made / custom made seat covers over our multi-fit front seat covers.

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